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ZTF regularly releases public data to the global astronomical community enabling the continued exploration of the dynamic universe. This section lists notable mentions of discoveries and scientific work that have used ZTF. 


25 Feb 2021 Comet Makes a Pit Stop Near Jupiter's Asteroids NASA 
16 Feb, 2019 The instrument that spots killer asteroids and star-eating black holes CNN
8 Feb, 2019  Found! Fastest-Orbiting Asteroid Zips Around Sun in Just 165 Days SPACE.com
8 Feb, 2019 Rare species' of asteroid spotted in our solar system CNN 
8 Feb, 2019  New Astro Camera Spots Thousands of Celestial Flare-ups Sky & Telescope
8 Feb, 2019  First Images from New Night-Sky Camera in California Show Gorgeous View of Andromeda Galaxy GIZMODO
21 Feb, 2018 Amateur astronomer catches first glimpses of birth of a supernova Nature