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ZTF is a public-private partnership, with equal support from the ZTF partner institutions and the U.S. National Science Foundation through the Mid-Scale Innovations Program (MSIP). The MSIP program continues to support ZTF through its phase II period from Oct 1, 2020 to Sept 30, 2023. With the extended funding ZTF will improve and extend the community services we provide.

Public survey and data release

During phase II of ZTF 50% of the ZTF camera time and 50% of SEDM time are dedicated to a 2-night cadence public survey of the entire northern sky in g & r bands. As with ZTF-I, alerts will be distributed in real time to the brokers but with the addition of forced photometry in the alert packets. SEDM spectra will be uploaded daily to TNS. Data from the public survey will be released on a bi-monthly schedule. Information and access to the publica data releases is available on this page.

DATE Release
July 7, 2022Public Data Release 12
May 9, 2022Public Data Release 11
March 7, 2022Public Data Release 10
Jan 5, 2022Public Data Release 9
Nov 3, 2021Public Data Release 8
Aug 31, 2021Public Data Release 7
June 30, 2021Public Data Release 6
March 31, 2021Public Data Release 5
Dec 9, 2020Public Data Release 4
June 24 2020Public Data Release 3
Dec 11, 2019Public Data Release 2
May 8, 2019Public Data Release 1
2016Initial release of iPTF data, including lightcurves through a lightcurve interface.
2015Release of complete PTF archive
2014First release of PTF data for selected high-cadence fields

Summer School

The NSF MSIP program provides funding for the ZTF summer school. The week-long school provides hands-on training in data processing of transient survey data. Students learn and apply modern data science tools and techniques to extract science from real data from ZTF and other time-domain surveys. The school aims to train the next generation of time-domian astronomers ready to explore the wealth of data from the Vera Rubin LSST survey.