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Cosmic Newsflash - the ZTF Newsletter

Our newsletter bring you the latest science, operations and public data release news from the Zwicky Transient Facility


Cosmic Newsflash | Issue 5

Browse through the end of year reflections from team members on how ZTF has pushed science forward, check out our latest science vlog on the first sample of microlensing events discovered by ZTF, access data from DR9 and more.

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Cosmic Newsflash | Issue 4

New sample of supernovae challenges explosion models and other science highlights, two new science vlogs, notes to the 8th public data release and the usual spotlight on members of the ZTF partnership.

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Cosmic Newsflash | Issue 3

Using large catalogs of supernovae to map the cosmic web and other science highlights, guide to our 7th public data release, resources from our summer school, two new science vlogs and more.

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Cosmic Newsflash | Issue 2

You can find the guide to our sixth data release, a long-form piece from our Principal Investigator Shri Kulkarni, the usual features of ZTF faces, our latest science vlog and more.

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Cosmic Newsflash | Issue 1

Our fifth public data release is out, science highlights include everything from neutrinos to AI assisted comet discoveries, we feature two team members, hear from scientists who have made discoveries in our survey data and more.

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