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Training the next generation of time-domain astronomers

The ZTF partnership is deeply committed to teaching and training undergraduate students to become the next generation leaders in time-domain astronomy. Each year, ZTF faculty and postdocs take undergraduate students through various mentorship programs available at their respective institutions.

At Caltech, such programs are the Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), and the Freshman Summer Research Institute (FSRI).

Students & Projects

X-Ray Bright vs Faint Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN): Using the Structure Function to Compare AGN Variability

Milo Brown (Diablo Valley College ) | WAVE Fellows 2021
Mentor: Matthew Graham

Finding Millisecond Optical Transients and Variable Sources in Zwicky Transient Facility Data Using Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Techniques

Derek Ing (Caltech) | Caltech SURF 2021
Mentor: Mansi Kasliwal, co-mentor: Igor Andreoni

Gravitational Lensing and Neural Networks

Josiah Miller (Caltech) | Caltech SURF 2021
Mentor: Matthew Graham

A Search for Short Period Cataclysmic Variables Using ZTF

Zhuofu (Chester) Li (UCLA) | Caltech SURF 2021
Mentor: Jan van Roestel

Creating kilonova “surrogate” models from fixed model grids

Jack Heinzel (Carleton College) | Caltech SURF 2020

Estimating the kilonova luminosity function with ZTF

Priyadarshini Rajkumar (TTU) | Caltech SURF 2020

Scheduling strategies for detecting kilonovae from binary neutron star (BNS) and neutron star—black hole (NSBH) mergers with ZTF

Polina Petrov (Carnegie Mellon University) | Caltech SURF 2020

Dynamic Exposures: a new technique for the electromagnetic followup of gravitational wave triggers

Vishwesh Kumar (American University of Sharjah) | Caltech SURF 2020

Optimizing the ZTF survey strategy for kilonova detection

Mouza Al Mualla (American University of Sharjah) | Caltech SURF 2020

An online framework for fitting fast transient light curves

Brandon Reed (University of Minnesota - Duluth) | 2020 REU at U of Minnesota
Mentor: Michael Coughlin

Scheduling the Unexpected: Mixed Integer Programming Based Scheduling for Ground and Space Based Surveys

B Parazin (Northeastern University) | 2020 REU at U of Minnesota
Mentor: Michael Coughlin