ZTF Experiments

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ZTF Experiments

In the last year of operations, ZTF will run a series of monthly "ZTF experiments". These are 3-night projects, that will explore new scientific opportunities via novel observing modes that are different from routine operations. These can include changes to the cadence, filters, field selection, integration times, etc. While only members of the ZTF collaboration can propose a ZTF experiments, the alerts from each will be publicly available. Check below to view more information about past and upcoming experiments.

ZTF Experiments

Monitoring an ULTRASAT high-cadence field (June, 2024)

The Deep Bright Transient Survey experiment (May 6-8, 2024)

Deep Imaging of Nearby Cosmic Overdensities (April, 2024)

Extreme Color: Extragalactic Experiment (Feb 29, March 1-2, 2024)

Galactic Science Experiment (Jan 7-9, 2024)

Extragalactic High Cadence (Dec 13-15, 2023 pilot)