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Our working group is dedicated to extragalactic and relativistic transients, with a focus on the science of supernovae (SNe) and also incorporates the physics of Type Ia SNe and superluminous SNe. With its large field of view, the ZTF survey discovers an unprecedented number of SNe. We discover SNe, trigger spectroscopy, classify them, and initiate follow-up campaigns for the most interesting objects. This enables us to find rare transients that we study in detail and to collect large samples of SNe. In addition, we are developing tools to automate SN discoveries and classifications to make them faster, objective, repeatable, and scalable to even larger surveys.

An important part of our work is devoted to the Bright Transient Survey (BTS) that aims to detect and classify any SN-like transient brighter than 18.5 magnitude. After 3.5 years of observations, the BTS sample already consists of more than 5000 SNe. This flux-limited, systematically collected sample will enable us to obtain high-quality, unbiased measurements of SN rates, luminosity functions, host galaxy properties, and many other SN properties.

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