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ZTF at the 239th AAS conference

A recent ZTF discovery of a Wolf-Rayet star exploding as a supernova, which was led by Avishay Gal-Yam (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) was published in Nature. The findings were also highlighted at the AAS239 virtual press conference (watch the recording here). Daniel Perley (LJMU, UK) presented separate but related discovery that add further evidence that massive stars have complicated deaths, rather than die quietly and turn into black holes.

Telescopes & Status

ZTF survey uses two telescopes both part of the Palomar Observatory.

The ZTF wide-field camera is mounted on the Samuel Oschin (P48) Telescope
Overview | Status | Documentation

The SEDM spectrograph operates on the 60-inch (P60) Telescope
Overview | Status & Documentation | Data Reduction Pipeline

Data & Access

The public releases are bi-monthly
Public Releases Overview | Access via IRSA

Simple daily alert archive is available to the community
Alert Stream

ZTF alerts via other community brokers
ALeRCE | Fink | Lasair | MARS | ANTARES | AMPEL | Pitt/Google

The ZTF spectroscopic supernova survey
Bright Transient Survey


Repositories for processing ZTF data and alerts
ZTF Github

Open source code for the astronomical data platform used by the ZTF partnership
ZTF Fritz System

A pure-python library that allows custom queries for any ZTF data product (developed by IN2P3)


The 7th public release made available in HiPS for display by Aladin (by Universite de Strasbourgh)